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Ian Penkala

These are gorgeous pics that make me want to go to Japan that much more! Thanks for sharing.


Yes, beautiful. Love the mix of nature, food and family : )


Would love to get my hands on some of that shake no kunsei! I am a fan of smoked salmon, but have never had the pleasure of trying that kind of Japanese preparation. Thanks for showing us another wonderful way to enjoy salmon.


Um, this does nothing for my homesickness!! :( I love Akan, miss it soooo much!!


This post looks like a wonderful tribute to the land up north. It still remains my fave part of Japan.

Re soba-making class: I enjoyed my own experience in Nagano, too. But I know what you mean when what you made and what the professionals made were miles apart. Mine looked like grey strands of fettucine — was very proud of it nonetheless. :p

hope chest

The photos are so nice and beautiful! It made me wants to go again in Japan and experience what you had experienced!


The food all looks so delicious!
I'm obsessed with ikura, so am envious of your taste-test between shoyu-and shio-cured ikura.
Sounds like a wonderful trip. I hope to make it to Hokkaido someday!


I spotted a small typo beneath your picture of the shake no kunsei.
"This was easily be"


Thanks to all. And Chris, I've fixed the typo and really appreciate you pointing it out.


Stunning photos of the bees in action. I love cosmos.

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